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Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd. 愛力實業股份有限公司

Rehabilitation Exercise Products | Agility & Balance Trainer | Safe Walker

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Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd.(2018 NEW ITEM)
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Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd.(2018 NEW ITEM)


Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd founded in 1980, Taipei, Taiwan. We specialize in sports equipment, in 1982 we established the brand name “ALEX,” and successfully boost our sales worldwide. In 2008, we extend our product line to senior care – “alexia”, the series includes muscle strength and balance training devices, rehabilitation equipment, home care products, etc.

Alexandave has professional consulting team, R&D, Quality control (QC) team, we provide our customer the premium quality, design and customer service. Cast-iron products such as plates, dumbbells, kettle bells …, etc. are our expertise.

In the recent years, Alexandave has been applying our thirty years cast-iron production experiences to various similar products to our customers, products include floor lamp base, agricultural machinery parts, etc.

Contact us today to find out more, your satisfaction is our priority.